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Years of Experience

About Brooklyn School of Excellence

BSE is an Official Gifted and Talented School

We provide a personalized learning approach that nurtures every student's unique talents. Our school offers a stimulating and supportive environment for holistic growth

Our five essential elements of learning are teacher guidance, hands-on activities, curiosity-driven learning, safe skill practice, and technology integration. Our school is a safe space where students can express themselves freely.

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    23 classrooms

    We have 23 spacious and well-equipped classrooms for our students

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    We offer a variety of activities

    We offer a wide range of activities, including sport, art, teams, and clubs.

Our Key Facts and Features


    Limited Class Sizes

    Our individualized curriculum is designed for small-class instruction.
    Our capacity per class in Elementary School is 10 students per class.
    Our capacity per class in Middle School is 15 students per class.
    Our capacity per class in High School is 20 students per class.


    Comfort and Security While Learning

    Our school is equipped with a modern, hospital-grade air conditioning system and ventilation system to ensure the well-being of our students. Furthermore, we are proud to have a modern, state-of the art security system.


    Full Education Program

    We serve students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade and offer academic tutoring and after-school programs to support the growth and success of our students


    Fresh Organic homemade meals

After School Program & Chess Program

Science Laboratory

Music and Vocal Rooms

Ballet /Dance Ballroom

Library and Performance Space

Playground and Sport Facilities

Our mission:

Our Mission is to provide high-quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.

Our Vision is for each child to develop a curiosity for learning, discover their interests and grow in their love of learning. We also desire to have strong families through parent support and skills training.

Our Philosophy:

The motto of our school is “Cogito Ergo Sum,” which means “I think therefore I am".

At Brooklyn School of Excellence, we believe that every child, when given appropriate tools, will be able to grow as a thinking individual.

Our Goals:

Our goals are simple: we want to be able to provide a learning opportunity for all students. Each student will have a chance to develop a talent further.

★Promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

★Develop and expand thinking skills.

★Utilize differentiated strategies for learning.

★Build or extend cognitive language skills.

★Facilitate opportunities for learning.

A Letter from the Principal


Dear Families,

Welcome to Brooklyn School of Excellence, a community where your constructive involvement makes a difference.

Whether volunteering in a classroom or helping your child with academics, your
efforts directly impact daily life in our school. We hope that, over time, you will
love being part of our community.

Through careful observation and thoughtful conversation, our staff, families, and
students work together to navigate today’s complex and shifting educational

We invite you to find unique ways to contribute to this process. Our children are
always watching us; so much of their learning takes place in subtle ways.
They learn from our attitudes and our actions, as well as from our words. That is
why, as adult community members, we all do our best to treat each other with
kindness and consideration.

We work to balance our needs and wishes with those around us. This way, we
become a community that values individual success and collective well-being.

We understand that by upholding these values as adults, we are creating an
environment that will encourage our children to do the same. Indeed, this is an
ambitious undertaking but a worthwhile one.

Welcome to the family!

With Love,
Nicky Yakhyaeva


Meet our Professional Teachers

The best type of instruction happens in small classrooms with a qualified teacher

Our teachers:

Hold a degree in their perspective subject area
Undergo teacher-development workshops a few times a year
CPR+ First Aid+ AED licensed

Nicky Yakhyaeva

Head Teacher

Maria Kemp

Parent Coordinator

Yana Furman


Alexandra Shynder

Russian Language and Literature Teacher

Shukhrat Yakhyaev

Social Studies Teacher

Victoria Maslov

Music Teacher

Juliah Juergenson

Math & Science Teacher

Gordon Roecker

English Language Arts Teacher

Lika Bezchastnova

Vocal, Drama Teacher

Naomi Miller

Elementary School General Education Teacher

Kristina Shutova

Elementary School General Education Teacher

Valeriia Traskovska

Math and Science Teacher

Sandra Blihovsky

Art Teacher