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Mission Statement:

The History Club is a home for students who are passionate about the study of history and want to explore that passion in new and exciting ways.  Throughout the year, members of the club have conversations about historical issues; organize social awareness events; interact with guest speakers from universities; host fun movie and game nights; and experience historically significant places on field trips.

The group will have outings to Historical places in New York

Main goals/events:

  1. Promote greater appreciation for and understanding of history among the students of different ages.
  2. Provide students with unique opportunities, such as visiting sites of historical importance or interacting with professional historians.
History club

Session 1($240) 

September: 19,26



Session 2 ($240)


January: 9,16,23,30   


Session 3($240)

 March: 6,13,20,27

 April :3,24