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At Brooklyn School of Excellence, students receive an exclusive education taught only by Subject Expert Teachers.

The school provides various forms of student support, including student hours and one-on-one support with Deans, as well as the cultivation of independence in the Primary Years that instills a greater sense of responsibility for their education.

The Intermediate Years transport students from their foundational years to a program focused on mastering the basics necessary for an advanced curriculum.

The curriculum feature a rigorous schedule in all core disciplines, including:

science classes (biology, chemistry, and physics)


a course in logic

The curriculum spirals, revisiting concepts in the sciences in greater depth with each passing year, as students prepare for a Senior Year coursework.

Kindergarten thru 8th Grade Program

This program includes daily lessons and activities for preparation for real schooling.

We strive to maintain a balance between theoretical and hands-on activities and provide one-on-one sessions for children who need extra attention

Key learning disciplines at this stage include:

  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Skills
  • Logic
  • Science

Starting from Middle school, our school focuses on acquiring talents for all students.

We currently offer 5 Programs to help students uncover their potential.

Each Talent offers two additional classes throughout the school week.

Linguistics Talent

Linguistic gifts are all about words and how we communicate. We put them to work whenever we
speak, read, write, or listen. In the classroom, kids must draw on their linguistic talents all the time.

Languages available to linguistic talents students:




Greek and Latin



Math and Engineering Talent

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs are offered throughout the year as part of our schooling, as well as after school curriculum.

Students participate in science experiments using hands-on and inquiry-based techniques.

They learn to practice appropriate laboratory skills while observing and analyzing chemical and physical changes.

Math and Engineering Students are challenged to build different structures, using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. Students learn to hone their critical thinking and problem’s solving skills, record data, and work together in teams.


Promotes cooperative and competitive play through real-time strategy and simulations on computer desktops and game consoles.

Math and Science Talent

We encourage Math and Science Talent students to test their academic and creative prowess and evidence of that success includes victories in a wide range of competitions.

Our students take part in STEM Contests, Math Olympiads, and many more.

Project S.T.E.M. classes center on environmental science, chemistry, engineering, technology, and math. Through local partnerships and collaborations, we also focus our curricula on the study of our local environment.


Music, Drama, and Art Talent

Arts Education at Brooklyn School of Excellence refers to piano classes, solfege, music literature, dance, theater, and visual arts. 

Our Art Talent Program teaches creativity, cooperation, discipline, analysis, and other important life skills. 

Students also develop positive outlets for self-expression.

Students who are enrolled in the program will have a rare opportunity to partake in contests, exhibits, and concerts. 

Some coursework will include:


  • Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocal
  • Art 
  • Design
  • Musical Theater
  • Drama Program
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Jazz Band 

Law and Debate Talent

In our law program, the courtroom becomes your classroom as you assume the role of trial attorney and battle for justice. 

We work hand-in-hand with practicing attorneys as we examine the evidence, research the issues and build our cases. Guilty or innocent, prosecution or defense, you and your co-counsel affect the outcome.

As someone who is part of our program you will be able to practice these important skills: 

Sharpen your skills of persuasion
Workshops in effective opening and closing statements, direct and cross examinations, objections, and jury selection prepare you to take on a courtroom.

Bring a criminal to justice
Apply the courtroom techniques you’ve learned as you become a lawyer and argue a challenging murder case in a state courthouse.

Learn from the professionals
Leading trial, jury, forensic, and legal experts from top firms and the Department of Justice share professional strategies for working in the court system.

Visit leading law schools
Discover what it takes to pursue a law degree from admissions officers and current students.