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  • Pre-School

The main kids’ need is to explore themselves and their relations with the world around them. We address this need by providing

  • Pre-Kindergaten Program
  • Kindergarten Program

They balance academic education and youngsters’ intention to play, question, and invent.

Moreover, we offer different sports activities to ensure not only the academic but also the physical development of students.

The main goal of such an approach is to encourage students to have fun learning and ensure academic and life success.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

This program stimulates young minds and develops critical thinking, logical reasoning, and fundamentals for further learning. The education process is based on games, peer work, and active participation.

The curriculum includes:

  • Math
  • Logic Classes
  • English Language
  • Montessori Activities
  • Russian Language
  • Social Studies and Etiquette
  • Science
  • Music