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Music is an essential part of a child’s education. It helps with brain development, analytical thinking, coordination, and a deep understanding of the world’s history and art history. We are pleased to offer TWO MUSIC PROGRAMS at NY Smart Start for the fourth academic year.

Program I: Mandatory for all Private School Kids The school music program is part of the school curricula. Student grades 1-8 are studying four Periods of Classical Music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Students learn historical circumstances of a particular period, composers, musical compositions, and elementary keyboard and music theory skills. Pre-K and Kindergarten Pupils learn notes, rhythm, coordination on a keyboard, and the basics of music ear training.

Students grade 1-8 should complete weekly assignments (listening, writing, researching, playing). We STRONGLY RECOMMEND having a keyboard/piano at home.

Program II: The Piano and MUSIC THEORY
PROGRAM is offered to students who are interested in studying music in depth.

Piano Curricula is based on Classical Repertoire. Students participate in Piano Recitals twice a year, Annual Piano Exams, and participate in festivals and competitions. We prepare young musicians for these auditions/exams: Piano Guild (American College of Musicians), NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association Exams), ABRSM (Royal School of Music), Mark Twain, and La Guardia School Auditions. Music Theory Curricula includes ear training/Solfege, basics in music grammar, harmony. Students are taking tests before being promoted to the next level. 

We prepare for ABRSM Theory Exams, AP Music Theory (latter for High Schoolers).