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  • BSE kids LOVE books and the BSE Book Fair is great way to foster that love of reading!

  • We are excited to announce a Book Fair at the Brooklyn School of Excellence!

  • Join us for a day filled with:

  • πŸ“– Diverse and engaging books for all ages

  • πŸ“š Exciting book-related activities

  • πŸŽ‰ Community bonding through the joy of reading

  • πŸ—“ Date: February 8 

  • πŸ“ Location: Brooklyn School of Excellence

  • Book Fair will be held during after lunch hours. This a great opportunity for your kids to learn about the world of literature, and even purchase a book of their own. 
    Feel free to pass money, so kids can select their favorite book and learn about exchange of goods and services. 
    Amount: your discretion (items will vary from $3-$40) 
    If your child is in younger grade, please write an email to your homeroom teacher, so he/she can pre-plan help that will be required for your child. 

  • Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to explore new literary treasures and support our school's commitment to fostering a love of reading!

Event Details

  • All day long
  • February 8
  • 23 Brighton 11th Street Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • +1(347)374-4946